Diet is the best remedy

Diet is the best remedy1 – this timeless thesis by Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine (460-370 BC) is still valid and gaining in strength. Did you know that over 62% of Poles suffers from chronic fatigue, a depressed mood and lack of energy?… and 25% of Poles searches for causes of feeling unwell in their everyday diet. Why is this so?

This happens, because the intestines are your second brain [the creator of this theory is neurobiologist Prof. Michael Gershon]. The intestines are responsible for not just digestion, but our mental health – thinking, behavior, emotions. The intestines contain as many as 100 000 000 nervous cells connected to the brain through the vagus nerve. It is the intestines which transmit impulses to the brain and control our body.

Valuable nutrients in our food, and a healthy intestinal flora which goes along with them, are the strength of our immune and nervous systems. Eat better, feel better! You have a choice