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Jamar is an exceptionally dynamically developing company whose products are well known domestically and abroad. The company offers a broad range of food products. Among the most important are: preserved vegetables, concentrates, vinegars, spices, dinner condiments, sauces, juices, syrups and processed fruit products. Jamar currently employs over 200 people.


About CompanyImportant dates in the company’s history:


1994 – establishment of the company founded by two brothers – Marek and Jarosław Szczepaniak in their hometown of Albertów near Częstochowa. At the beginning the company’s main business was the production of fishing lures and vinegar.

1998 – Jamar is converted into a Food Production Plant and its business becomes vegetable and fruit processing.

2003 – conversion of a civil law partnership into a general partnership based on Polish capital.







Polish crops

Jamar cooperates only with professional Polish planters who guarantee the company the highest quality of resources. Only plant types with the best possible parameters are used for sowing. The crops are supervised and monitored by Jamar specialists who see to it, that the resources for processing were of the highest quality and meet the BRC system requirements, in addition to having high taste and nutritious values. Jamar products meet the expectations of the most demanding consumers. The company quickly and accurately reacts to the growing needs of the market, is known for offering new products and caring for their quality.



ofirmie_02Warehouse / Product Range

Jamar’s offer includes over 400 products. The basis of our sales offer are high quality vegetable preserves and processed fruits and vegetables, including: preserved peas, corn, white and red beans, tomato concentrate, jarred vegetable mixes, preserved cucumbers, beats, dinner additions, mustards, sauces, jams, fruit preserves, marmalades, syrups and juices, as well as flavor additions such as vinegars or soup spices. Every year Jamar releases several new products into the market. The company’s flagship products are: corn, preserved peas and tomato concentrate. The Jamar company continuously strengthens its market position.


Outlet markets

The domestic market is based on sales to food wholesale networks and to the largest commercial networks. Export grows more and more in significance in terms of the company’s income. Currently the company sells its products on the markets of eastern and southern Europe, Asia and Africa.


Development Strategy

  • Acquisition of a larger market share in the vegetable processing segment by offering our customers very high quality products at attractive prices,
  • Increasing the recognition of the Jamar brand through marketing and sales actions, as well as image creation,
  • Quick response to the market’s assortment demands,
  • Technological development of the production facility
  • Logistic operations improving efficiency and order realization time.