Jamar is a Polish family company established in the year 1994. For our products we use Polish vegetables and fruits supplied by farmers with whom we cooperate regularly. Such a business model gives us full control of the entire cultivation and production process: from sowing, through harvest, to processing. As a result, we have certainty that our products are healthy and natural.


Our mission can be most accurately reflected by the motto: Jamar… Health from nature! We are faithful to that motto since the very beginning. This is why in our daily work we take care to deliver the highest quality products which meet the requirements and tastes of our Consumers.


Everything we do adheres to the company’s philosophy:

  • The Client is most important
  • The company’s most important resources are its Employees
  • Highest Quality is our primary goal.


We consistently promote a healthy lifestyle by delivering fresh, natural, healthy and simple to use products to our Consumers.