Technologies Used

TechnologiaJamar is a facility with very modern infrastructure at its disposal. The company owns several high-tech production lines used for making concentrates, sauces, juices, vegetable mixes, dinner condiments, spices, vinegar, etc. All of the preserves produced by us go through multi-leveled and thorough quality control in the company lab, where specialists conduct microbiological, as well as physical and chemical tests.






All control procedures in the production process are in place to guarantee the highest quality of products. Even the smallest batch of products is tested for conformity with the Polish norms or internal company norms and is admitted for sale only if the requirements of those norms are met. The laboratory also conducts periodic cleanliness tests of equipment, machinery and interiors where Jamar products are being made.




Vinegar production plantVinegar production plant

In the year 2012 we took acquired a vinegar manufacturer – the Matmar Comindex company.


As a result of that transaction we are now the largest vinegar production plant in central Europe. This investment and modernization has increased our production capacity from 18 million liters to 32 million liters of vinegar per year.


The modern Vinegar production plant is the company’s pride. Our recipe is based on the traditional vinegar production process. Vinegar undergoes fermentation in larch barrels and receives its noble aroma from beech shavings. It is a dripping method – the vinegar drips on the shavings from beech trees. This process takes quite some time, but its advantage is a specific bouquet which the vinegar dripping on the shavings receives.

We also carry out production using the acetator method – production takes place in an acetator. Both of those methods use spirit as the primary component for vinegar production. We only produce natural vinegar.