Vinegars and spices

Jamar vinegars have a unique taste that will enrich your dishes and will help you prepare your favourite meals in a traditional way.

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Canned vegetables

Red beans, corn, chickpeas, or mix of flavours?

Colourful and tasty Jamar canned vegetables combine excellent quality and freshness with simplicity and convenience. Healthy and filling ingredients straight from the can, used in your favourite dishes, will give you a fantastic taste experience. Jamar vegetables are also a source of the nutrients you need every day


Try it and see for yourself!

No ideas for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Get inspired by Jamar vegetables and create a delicious and healthy meal you deserve!





Concentrates and purees

Do you like tomato creations in your kitchen?

We invite you to the world of essential and tasty red tomatoes! This is what Jamar concentrates and purees are like. Produced from the highest quality ingredients, will give each dish a full flavour of what nature has the best.

Jamar concentrates and purees will let you prepare whatever you want: traditional Polish dishes, delicious Italian and oriental cuisine, as well as your own recipes!

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36 million litres

vinegar per year

16 countries

to which we sell our products

Over the past 10 years

we have tripled our product sales