B2B / Private labels

Jamar factory is:

Supplier of products for private labels of the largest retail chains in Poland and Europe
Over 300 independent products in a permanent assortment
12 modern production lines
Packaging tailored to your product
Capacity of 200 thousand tons net of food
Purchase of agricultural crops - over 52,000 tons from over 8,000 hectares
We achieve high quality thanks to the selective selection of raw materials managed by agricultural managers, and the control and continuous evaluation of the recipes and processes they are subjected to.

We guarantee:

Joint conceptual work on the development of a new product:

  • -access to a wide range of  vegetables and fruits;
  • – developing an individual recipe;
  • – selection from a wide range of available packages.

A streamlined process of implementing a new product.

Constant production control and quality verification of the ordered products.



Large production and logistics facilities, as well as many years of experience in the industry allow us to offer a broad and tailored product portfolio. It contains finished products and components for further processing.

Private label Components for further processing Available packaging types
Canned vegetables
Vegetables in jars
Concentrates and purees
Vinegars and spices
Sweet preserves
Spirit vinegar in tanks
Apple cider vinegar in tankers
Tomato pulp in barrels
Frozen peas
Glass bottles
PET bottles
Aseptic bags

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