1st place for the Jamar apple vinegar in the Złoty Paragon 2017 contest!

Readers of the Hurt & Detal monthly magazine have for the seventh time handed out the “Złoty Paragon – Polish Merchants’ Award”, distinguishing the best products on the FMCG market. The Złoty Paragon is the larges Polish nationwide contest in which leaders of the FMCG market are chosen by Merchants (Retail Stores). In the 2017 EDITION of this prestigious contest the JAMAR APPLE VINEGAR 6% acidity ranked 1st in the vinegars category.

  • The Jamar vinegar is made using the traditional method of NATURAL fermentation
  • Our product is distinguished by a rich bouquet of aromas, appropriate acidity, crystal clear structure and flavor
  • The base resource in the vinegar’s production is KOSHER wheat spirit, acquired from Polish distilleries
  • The spirit is diluted in specially selected and tested water from JURA SPRINGS (natural mineral water)

The award confirms the wide recognition and usage of Jamar vinegars by Consumers in Poland. Thank you very much for the distinction.

zloty paragonnaturalnej fermentacji







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