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Mexican tomato and bean soup

1 large red onion or 2 smaller ones
2-3 cloves of garlic
2-3 spoons of olive oil
1 chili pepper
a pinch of ground cumin
1 spoon of sweet paprika
500ml of vegetable broth
500ml of JAMAR Tomato Passata
0,5 kg of raspberry tomatoes
2 spoons of JAMAR Tomato Concentrate
380g of canned JAMAR Red Beans
a handful of chopped oregano
2 cubes of bitter chocolate
juice from 1 lemon
salt, pepper
thick cream

Method of preparation:

Chop the onion and braise on olive oil. Add the squeezed garlic, cumin, finely chopped chili pepper. Fry these ingredients for 1 minute. Chop the tomatoes after blanching and removing the peel. Drain the beans. Pour the broth and tomato passata to a pot. Add the beans, tomatoes, oregano, chocolate and sweet paprika. Boil everything and then let it stew for about 15 minutes. Add lemon juice and season with salt and pepper, also adding the tomato concentrate. Serve with a spoon of cream and parsley.

Prepare time: 15 minuts Number of servings: 4 portions