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Preparation time:

Meatballs in tomato sauce, not just for children

800g of minced poultry
2 eggs
small, finely diced onion
3-4 spoons of bread crumbs
salt, pepper
spices: Vegeta, two allspices, bay leaf
1 bottle of JAMAR Tomato Passata with tomato chunks

Method of preparation:

Mix the minced meat with eggs, onion and bread crumbs, season with salt and pepper. Put the formed meatballs into mildly boiling water, so as to submerge them completely. Boil on medium heat for approximately 40 minutes. After boiling add 1 bottle of JAMAR tomato passata with tomato chunks and season with the spices. Serve with potatoes or rice and your favorite salad.

Prepare time: 15 minuts Number of servings: 4 portions